Various studies show that the majority of purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale. This underlines the importance of the "moment of truth". Being best prepared for this moment is decisive for success. We offer you state-of-the-art software solutions, efficient processes and expert consulting, all from a single source.

Our team of certified ECR category managers works daily with retailers and manufacturers to best manage the moment of truth. We know what is needed from our experience with hundreds of projects. Our team of software developers programs this knowledge into powerful and unique applications.

We were the first to make outlet-specific range optimisation and product placement scalable. We were also one step ahead when it came to introducing mobile solutions to finally be able to act digitally in front of the shelf. Let yourself be inspired by our solutions, which are unmatched in our industry.

Category Management Toolkit

Based on shopper insights and sales data, our back-office solutions enable you to efficiently optimize space, product ranges and shelves for each individual outlet.

Our innovative Data Manager, Store Maker®, Range Finder® and Shelf Maker® software makes your life easier with clever algorithms and our patented process.

Shopper Activation Mobile

Finally, your employees have now the opportunity to quickly and easily adapt and check store and shelf plans for outlet-specific particularities and sales data.

Our mobile solutions run on the established tablet operating systems and are available offline. The SAM Shelf® app as well as SAM Check®, SAM Store® or SAM Scan® are also easy to use.

KPI Monitoring

Monitoring of market trends and evaluation of measures that have been implemented is indispensable for their optimisation. Simply use the POS scanning data to identify untapped potential.

In the web-based KPI cockpit you will find intelligent reports on shelf availability, promotions, etc. With the Query Builder, you can quickly create ad-hoc analyses for special measures at the PoS.

Project Management

We are happy to support you in the implementation of Category Management projects. Our team of certified “ECR D-A-CH Category Managers” rely on years of experience from hundreds of projects.

In the sense of "make or buy", you will decide at any time whether we take over specific working  packages for you or whether you will do them yourself.