Finally digital at the shelf

With the patented app SAM®Shelf, you are right in front of the shelf and can bring together all the benefits of automation. Capture the shelf structure in just a few moments - height and width of the shelves, number and distance of the shelf boards.

Arrange the shares and position of the categories and segments with just one touch. The ranges are then automatically assigned and placed in accordance with a set of placement rules. Depending on the role of the user and the need for adaptation on site, you simply add products by wiping them on the right spot.

Communicate the results to the recipients of your choice, via e-mail or directly on a server. The requirements for 1:1 implementation are now met.

SAM® Shelf - the film

We were in the store for you, filming SAM® “in action”. Take 1 minute and see.

SAM® is very easy to use, based on facts and enables maximum flexibility and efficiency on site. Improve the implementation quality of your Category Management content at the PoS.

The higher the acceptance from the responsible persons on the shop floor, the more sustainable the execution - because "strategy is 10% and execution is 90%".

Whether used in Germany or in another country, SAM® is available for your employees in the respective national language.