Check execution directly at the shelf

After executing the 1:1 fitting planogram, the merchandiser returns to the shelf a few weeks later and checks the sustainability with "SAM® Check". Are products temporarily unavailable (out-of-shelf) or not available at all (white spot).

Either all products of a category can be checked or only the focus items, e.g. those of certain brands, strategic (new) products or the 20% of the items, that represent 80% of sales.

The employees in front of the shelf capture what is interesting in a few moments, by just touching the highlighted products in the planogram or even item groups as a whole. In case of using image recognition just take a photo of the shelf and integrate the results via interface.

Identifiying sales potential and ordering immediately

In the next workflow step, SAM® Check shows the user the lost sales potential from temporarily or completely unavailable products. This relies either on the sales data from the outlet or an appropriate benchmark.

At the moment of detection, SAM® Check allows for immediate action - without break in media registration. The order can be placed in front of the shelf by scanning the barcode with the retailer’s MDE device or by submitting an order proposal directly out of SAM® to the inventory management system of the retailer.

Consolidating and reporting of these indicators provides starting points for further actions for better utilisation of the available shopper and sales potential.